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Rosebud Healthcare and Training is an educational institution.  We provide education, trainings, and consultation to ensure our clients receive the necessary certifications and educational requirements to attain essential accreditations at the local, state and federal levels.

Our Mission is to serve each person with compassion, humility and dignity; while meeting their mental, emotional, and physical needs through nursing care and education.

We can help you:

Build Professional Credibility


Gain a Competitive Advantage


Increase Your Earning Potential


Our Services

  • AED- Automated external Defibrillator

  • Annual Education and Orientations

  • Bloodborne Pathogen

  • BLS- Basic Life Support

  • Child Care Health Consulting 

  • CMA-Certified Medication Attendant

  • COVID-19 Tests

  • COVID-19 Vaccinations

  • CPR-Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation

  • Crisis  Prevention

  • Daycare Health and Safety

  • First-Aid Training

  • Healthcare Facility Nurse Consulting (SME)

  • Healthcare staffing

  • Patient Assessments

  • Personal Development for Clients

  • Physical Activity Learning Sessions (PALS) 

  • Professional Development for Staff

  • TB Skin Testing  

  • Urine Drug Tests

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