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Childcare Healthcare Facility | Consulting


Childcare Healthcare Consultant- provides knowledge into effective interventions that improve health and safety for children, staff, and others within the child care community.  Provide trainings which includes Medication administration, safe sleep, sanitary code, special needs, breastfeeding, food safety, indoor/outdoor daycare safety, infectious disease, food allergies, Eliminating Pesticides, Learning Principles, Cultural Competence, and Preventing Recognizing and Reporting Child Abuse


Facility Nurse  | Consulting

Depending on the needs of the facility my services can be but not limited to the list as follows:

  • Administering medications, documenting response, maintaining accurate medication lists, and reporting medication errors.

  •  Assessing medical and nursing needs and making recommendations for the person’s individualized service plan.

  • Providing education regarding mental illness, physical health concerns, chronic disease management, wellness, relapse prevention and medications to individuals, families and team members.

  • Providing case management by referring and connecting individuals with medical, psychiatric and other providers or resources.

  • Evaluating the effectiveness of all psychiatric and medical services, and providing additional coordination, advocacy or intervention as needed.

  • Advocating on behalf of each individual to assure the protection of rights and privacy, as well as assuring that individuals understand complaint and grievance procedures.

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